Care Guide

This product sets a high standard for luxury detailing and craftsmanship. Small irregularities in our leathers and skins are natural, as only the finest materials are selected by Kamica Hampton. Because of their genuine origins, such products can be sensitive to humidity, rain, excessive temperatures and airborne irritants, risking permanent and irreversible product wear and tear. Grease and oil stains are largely untreatable; oils in cosmetics and the alcohols in perfumes and hairsprays will adversely affect the life of your product. To protect your Kamica Hampton shoes, always store them in a cool dry place, in the satin pouch provided.

To enjoy your Kamica Hamptons for years to come, please follow these guidelines:


Use a suede brush to restore shoes to their original condition and take care to avoid color transfers by storing your shoes in their shoe bag, avoiding contact with other colored fabric or material. Please consult a shoe care specialist for water-resistant treatments and professional cleaning.


Gently wipe against the grain with a slightly damp white cloth to dislodge any debris. Smooth briskly along the grain with a recommended conditioner at least once yearly after testing on a small section. Dry product thoroughly, away from sunlight.


Clean with a damp cloth. Occasionally lather with good quality patent leather cream and buff off with a polishing cloth.


Clean with a good quality but mild leather cream to restore luster. Leave to dry naturally. Some contact stains may become permanent and not easily removed. We recommend specialist shoe care should your Kamica Hampton shoes come into contact with tougher dirt or stains. Should you require further assistance on proper leather care, please do not hesitate to contact us on +1 800 514 3741 or email us at

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